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Вилла в Outes

  • 4 спальни
  • 8 спальных мест
  • 2 ванных комнаты
  • 3 туалета
  • 300 м² жилой площади
  • 2000 м² терраса
  • 300 площадь участка
  • Личный бассейн
  • Wi-Fi
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руб. 152 236 - 304 473/за неделю руб. 21 748 - 43 496/за ночь Показать детали

Пентхаус в Laxe

  • 3 спальни
  • 6 спальных мест
  • 2 ванных комнаты
  • 145 м² жилой площади
  • Отопление
  • Лифт
  • Стиральная машина
  • ТВ
  • Белье
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Особняк в Coruña

  • 4 спальни
  • 8 спальных мест
  • 4 ванных комнаты
  • 2 туалета
  • 500 м² жилой площади
  • 1000 площадь участка
  • Личный бассейн
  • Бассейн с подогревом
  • Wi-Fi
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Camelle is a small village located on the Costa Da Morte, in the La Coruña region of Galicia.

The area boasts stunning, windswept beaches, a rugged coastline and a beautiful natural countryside landscape.

The area is ideal for outdoor lovers and those who want to escape from it all.

Places to visit
The cities of Santiago de Compostela and La Coruña are both close by and full of cultural attractions, monuments and a bit more life if you want to take in some of the local tradition and culture.

The uniqueness of the Galician culture is demonstrated in the local gastronomy: you will not find so much rice or pasta in Galicia as you do elsewhere. Potatoes tend to be the accompaniment of choice for fish and meat dishes.

Shellfish is very popular in Galicia and seafood is considered the staple diet. Galicia harvests more fruits of the sea than anywhere else in Europe; the sand beds of the coastline, and the many fishing ports, make this possible.

The astonishing variety of fish species and crustaceans are prepared and cooked in a myriad of dishes depending on the region within Galicia. With the main cities being so close to the ports, freshness is always assured.

The Galician climate is generally quite temperate; in the winter it is not uncommon for strong winds to blow off the sea. Throughout the year there is quite a bit of rain. Spring and summers are warm. Weather here is often changeable and can have several faces in one day.

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