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Коттедж в Iznájar (Cierzos y Cabreras)

  • 2 спальни
  • 4 спальных места
  • 2 ванных комнаты
  • 2 туалета
  • 80 м² жилой площади
  • 100 м² терраса
  • 100 площадь участка
  • Общий бассейн
  • Личный бассейн

Коттедж в Iznájar

  • 2 спальни
  • 4 спальных места
  • 2 ванных комнаты
  • 2 туалета
  • 60 м² жилой площади
  • 34 м² терраса
  • 100 площадь участка
  • Общий бассейн
  • Wi-Fi
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руб. 37 194 - 44 633/за неделю руб. 5 314 - 6 376/за ночь Показать детали

Загородный дом в Carcabuey

  • 6 спален
  • 10 спальных мест
  • 3 ванных комнаты
  • 250 м² жилой площади
  • 200 м² терраса
  • 2500 площадь участка
  • Личный бассейн
  • Джакузи под открытым небом
  • Wi-Fi
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руб. 38 966 - 84 307/за неделю руб. 6 376 - 14 169/за ночь Показать детали

Adamuz is a town located in the northeast of the province of Cordoba, in the natural region known as the Sierra Morena in Andalusia. The city of Cordoba is 32 kilometres distance from Adamuz.

The town is situated in beautiful natural surroundings, and is a wonderful destination for rural tourists and those looking to get back to
nature on their holiday.

About town
The town is rural Andalusian, but provides all of the amenities one needs for a holiday retreat, including shops, supermarket, bars, restaurants
and a bus system, which serves the local region and Cordoba city.

Outdoor pursuits
The town hall of Adamuz organise lots of rambling and hiking and route, you can find more information at the town, or on the Adamuz website (Spanish only).

Natural surroundings
Adamuz is situated in the beautiful and diverse landscape of the Sierra Morena, and close to the Guadalquivir River. There are two natural parks in
Sierra Morena, and the area is a designated Biosphere Reserve.

Adamuz Festivals
The Festival of Candelaria is celebrated on the 1st February and is a very significant day for the residents of Adamuz. During the evening
rosemary is burnt and neighbours cook and share dinner. In April they celebrate the Feria de la Virgen del Sol, with some spectacular bonfires and fireworks and musical performances.

During August Adamuz celebrates both La Noche Adamucena on the 14th August and the Fiesta de la Virgin del Sol on the 15th and 16th August.

Eating out

There are a number of bars, cafes and restaurants in Adamuz, where you can enjoy traditional Andalusian cuisine and tapas.

The climate of Adamuz is that of a typical Andalusian inland town. During the summer months the towns gets hot, into late 30, early 40 degree temperatures. The spring and autumn is
generally mild, and the winters do get slightly colder, than the protected Costa del Sol and Malaga region.




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